Published Work


Here is a short sampling of Reannon’s published work:

The History of Speakeasies and Where to Get a Throwback Cocktail in San Francisco – The San Francisco Travel Association

The History of Sushi – The Flying Fugu

The History of Rail Travel – Tripbase

Why I Wish I’d Never Traveled – Thought Catalog

Can you date the non-traveler? – Matador Life

No Sex in the City:  What It’s Like to be Female and Foreign in Japan – Vagabondish

Addicted to the Escape: The Downside of Long-Term Travel – Brave New Traveler

How Emotional Support Animals are Changing Air Travel – Matador Change

8 Underrated Actors and Actresses We’d Love to See More Of – Divine Caroline

 The 8 Best Songs to Listen to After You’ve Been Dumped – Divine Caroline

Reannon has also written a series of articles for MasterCard.

Reannon has also recently written a Las Vegas Moving Guide for

Example: 7 Reasons Las Vegas is a Great Place to Live (No, Seriously!)

For a year and three months, Reannon wrote a weekly column about her travel adventures for the online travel magazine “Rum Bum”. The column was entitled ‘Hello, Big Adventure’ and the entire 50 + post saga will soon be available online in ebook format.

She can also be found blogging on her personal travel site, Taken by the Wind.

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